2011. május 14., szombat

Today is the Grand Final

The day has come. Tonight, we will find out, who's the winner of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest. I hope everyone of you will have a nice time and we will see a great show! It's a contest and everyone has favorites, but I'd like to believe that Eurovision is more than just a contest. I hope that it really can make us one for just one night. 
Kati said yesterday, that the weight is not as heavy on her shoulders as last time. She is more relaxed. I hope it means that she can deliver a good performance. If you really like her or her song than please use the time and vote for her. You can vote from the beginning of the show, wich means we have a lot of time voting for her since she has starting position 5. 
Help Kati, and make her dreams true!
Vote for Kati Wolf, What about my dreams, Hungary, Nr.5
Thank you and have a good time!

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