2011. május 2., hétfő

Kati's first rehearsal is today!

As I already wrote it yesterday, Kati will have her first rehearsal today:
Hungary>>> rehearsal: 13.40 - 14.20 h >>> and press conference: 15.05 - 15.45 h (CET)
On the Facbook of EurovisionHungary there's a post saying, the whole crew arrived safely to Düsseldorf, Kati as well. They are leaving the hotel for the Arena at 10 A.M. CET today. Hopefully we will have some video blogs form Atilla Vízi, the Hungarian cameraman, who already had a great video blog during the World Cup last year. If it's something that you'd be intrested in, I'll try to subtitle it.
The first one is introducing the Hungarian volunteers, so it's nothing interesting for you.
I'll post here all of the Hungarian rehearsal videos and hopefully the press conference videos today, so you can find everything about kati in one place.
Everyone send some great energy for Kati, so that her rehearsal should go well!

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