2011. május 1., vasárnap

First day of rehearsals

Today, the contestants of the first semi-final's first part will take the stage and by tonight we will have the first impressions. There are lot of big ESC sites on the spot, who post pictures and videos. So we can follow everything that's happening in Düsseldorf. Today the program looks like this:
For example ESCDaily.com has a webcam stream all day from 10 CET to 18:30 CET. They are streaming from the press centre. You can chat with other viewers and with the guys of ESCDaily. You can check it out here!

Here's Magdalena Tul rocking the stage. What do you think of her, what do you think of the stage? Feel free to comment, I'd like to read you opinions.

And above, you can watch Norway's Haba Haba.
As for Kati: she will have her first rehearsal tomorrow:
Hungary>>> rehearsal: 13.40 - 14.20 h >>> and press conference: 15.05 - 15.45 h (CET)
So tune in tomorrow and let's discuss how you liked Katis first rehearsal.

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