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Kati Wolf interview subtitled

Hey guys,
I finished with the subtitles for the latest interview. This one was aired Tuesday this week on Hungarian Television (MTV) on the show 'Teadélután'. It's about the preparations and her place on the internet polls.
Sorry for the crappy video quality, but I had to do an onscreen recording and the voice is taken with a microphone from the speakers. But a fan has to do what she has to do in order to get her interview out for a bigger audience. I hope it's still enjoyable! Check it out below:

New Facebook post from Kati

007MrJames007 made a Chipmunk version of 'What about my dreams' and kati watched it. She commented:
"Wow... It looks like I'm in the animated movie busisness (again :-))"

Check out the video below:

What bout my dreams? -Live

Last friday Kati had a gig in Szolnok with some other contestants from the first series of X Factor. She sang 'What about my dreams?'. Check out her performance below:

And heres a video of her performance in Győr of the Hungarian version:

What do you think?

2011. március 30., szerda

Kati loves to give away

I subtitled an interview, which aired December 2010, just before Christmas. She was interviewed with her daughter, Janka (5), about charity.
Watch the video below:

Two weeks ago Kati performed on a special TV broadcast, where the participants of the ongoing reality show "Való Világ" Series 4 (=Real World, it's like Big Brother) collected money for children in need. They managed to collect a sum of 177 000 000 HUF, which is approcimately 660.000 Euros.
Watch her performance below:

At the end, the host asked her about her voice and thanked her because she was ill and she still performed. (she was ill at the Eurovision press conference as well). She added: "I had to be here despite my illness. As a mother I can feel for children who has nothing to eat. So I had to  brace myself up and come."

Others performed as well, just like Zoli Ádok (Hungary's representative on Eurovision 2009) who performed the title song of the reality show with Gabi Tóth (Who came 3rd on the 2nd season of Hungarian Pop Idol). István Tabáni performed his song 'Gyönyörű szép' (=Beautiful), which won 'Best Song of the Year' on the Hungarian Grammys, Fonogram 2011. The song was composed by the same two guys who created 'What baout my dreams?': Viktor Rakonczai and gergő Rácz.He won the second season of Hungary's Got Talent. The premiere of 3rd season will air this Saturday on RTL Klub.

Check them out below:

What bout my dreams? -Karaoke instrumental

Thank you KIYOFILM for uploading the English version.
People, you have no more excuses; get to practice and sing along in May!!!


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Who is Kati Wolf? - Part 4: Creating 'What about my dreams?'

Like I wrote before, Kati, Gergő Rácz and Viktor Rakonczai began working together right after the end of the 1st series of X Factor. And a song was born, which won over audiences right from the start. The song premiered on Class Fm's "Morning Show" on 10. 02. 2011.

Kati in the studio:

Watch more pics here!

She said on 'Morning Show':
"I've wanted to come out first of the contestants with a song. I think it's very important who's the first. And for me to be able to be the first was very important. of course it's not me who should get credit for it, it's the composers. Now, we still got the attention from the show's (X Factor) viewers and from the media. We have to keep it alive as long as possible, since there'll be a new season in sptember. I think we have roughly a year to build ourselves up.
I've already made an album with my father. Back then we didn't do that CD after the audience's taste, I did it mostly for myself, I made it how I liked music. But it wasn't so recognised. On my new album my father will work too, but he works with someone together who can modernize the songs and knows, what the auddience wants."

First reactions:
Radio host: "I have to tell you kati, this song's great! Congratulations! I tell this really rarely, but this is good."
Some of the incoming text messages: "People i got chills from tip to toe!", "It's a great song, I've alredy know the chorus!", "Kati for the Eurovision!!!" etc. Listen to it (in Hungarian):

I made a subtitledversion of the interview with the composers and Kati about how the song was born:

In a short time hundred of thousands have listened to the official audio:

Today almost 800 000 people have watched it.

EscHungary.hu and a lots of media and fan portals suggested that it should go to eurovision song contest 2011. We, as Hungarian fans didn't know anything about the national selection process this year, nor had anyone. But one thing was clear, most of us wanted to send this song, so we began to flood the Hungarian TV's email boxes with requests. The producers of the song orginised the video shoot in a short time.

On Kati's Official Facebook Page, she announced that fans can participate in the video. Approximately two weeks after the video shoot we had the official announcement: Kati's going to Düsseldorf!!!

In a few weeks the offical video premiered. Watch a 'Making of' video with English subtitles below:

Who is Kati Wolf? - Part 3.

Before, I did some writing about who she was, but now you can see it for yourself. When she began competing on Hungarian X factor series 1, they mad some introduction videos of her, where she was interviewed with her family and friends. Of course, the mentors told stories about her as well.
I made English subtitles for them. Watch them below:


2011. március 28., hétfő

Who is Kati Wolf? - Part 2.

Kati Wolf had a connection to music since she was a little child, so it was evident that she would study something related to it. She studied to be a solfege teacher in Franz Liszt Academy of Music, then she began to sing in various groups (Stúdió Dél, Sunny Dance Band, New Chocolate, Avocaldo, Enjoy). During singing in these groups she worked at an office, where she and her husband met. They have two daughters: Janka (5) and Luca (1).

2009, she released her first album 'Wolf-áramlat'. The music for the album was written by her father. She wasn't so famous then, so the CD wasn't a huge hit. You can listen to some previews here!

2010 premiered the Hungarian X-Factor (X-Faktor) on RTL Klub television. Kati applied and she got through to the Judge's Houses. She was in the Over 25s Group with Feró Nagy mentoring. All of the contestants moved in toghether except for Kati, who stayed home because she has two little children. She managed to balance motherhood and being in a pretty intense competition. She came 6st in the competition, being second best in her group. The first in the Over 25s group was Csaba Vastag, who won the first series.

Watch all of her X Factor performances from the auditions right up til her elimination below:

At her elimination mentor Péter Geszti voted last, and becouse of his vote Kati's fate was in the viewers hands. The viewers chose Nikolas Takács over her. Lots of Kati's fans blamed Geszti for Kati's elimination and he felt that way too, so he promised Kati that he would write her some song lyrics since he's very good at it.
After the end of the show in December Kati worked on her first solo album. Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz called her up with some ideas. Kati said in one interview that there were other songwriters as well who wanted to work with her, but these two came to her with such a detailed analysis of her voice that it was like a surgical analysis. So they began to work together and 'Szerelem miért múlsz?' was born in a short time.
Péter Geszti did fulfill his promise and wrote the lyrics for the song.

Next part will come soon!

Who is Kati Wolf? - Part 1.

 Kati Wolf was born in Szentendre, Hungary 24.09.1974.
Her father is Péter Wolf, a a well known, Erkel Award Winner composer, who wrote music for Hungarian singers like Kati Kovács. Her mother stayed home with her and her two brothers, but she find time for leading a choir in Szentendre as well (said Kati in one of her recent interviews).

At the age of 7 she sang the title single of the internationally recognized Hungarian animated movie 'Vuk', or best known as "The Little Fox". She said on the shooting of 'What about my dreams?' that that's her first music video, altaugh at the age of 7 she sang the 'Vuk'-song and they made a video for it. She added it wasn't a real shoot, they just set her on a chair and she sang the song. And that's all it was. Watch her first 'music video' below:

Or watch the whole movie in English:

Watch the rest of the movie here: Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7
Next part will come soon!

Szerelem miért múlsz? - Karaoke

So, KIYOFILM made a Karaoke video for the Hungarian version of Kati's song. Check out their youtube channel here!
If you're intrested in practicing for some sing-along for the semi final then check it out below:

(I know it's not the version which we'll see in May, but here are the English lyrics): 

I always stood behind you always close
stood by your side no matter what the cost
and I always was there for you when you called
should I live all my life for only your cause
What about my life
What about my dreams
What about how I feel
What about my needs
I cant hold back, I cant go back, I must be free
What about how I feel
What about my life
I cant / hold back / no more 

Tíz lépés, száz lépés távolság kell
Nem számít merre, csak el tőled el
Mit mondhatnál, mit mondhatnék, elkoptunk rég
Szemeinkből nézd, hova tűnt a fény..
What about my life
What about my dreams
What about how I feel
What about my needs
I cant hold back, I cant go back, I must be free
What about how I feel
What about my life
I / cant hold back / (gonna live my dreams)
I / wont go back / (oh,my dreams)
I need to be / (gonna live my life)
All i can be
I / cant hold back / (I can't go back)
I / wont go back / (I must be free)
I need to be /
All I can be
Performer: Kati Wolf
Song title: What About My Dreams?
Song writer(s): Péter Geszti, Johnny K. Palmer
Song composer(s): Viktor Rakonczai, Gergő Rácz

(from: wolfkati.hu)


2011. március 27., vasárnap

What about a little sightseeing?

Hy you all,
Did you notice that there's some really nice shots in Kati's video about Budapest, Hungary's capital?
Well, if you're not familiar with the city I can give you a little digital tour.
First, we can see Kati and her love interest in some parking lot-y place.
Well, it's definetely not a parking lot. It's one of the brand new
stations for the new underground. (Metró4)

Here are some pics about it in real life.
Here's a link to google maps.

Then we see her driving over Szabadság Bridge (Szabadság=Freedom):

There are some nice shots about the Parliement Building.:

Check it out on google maps!

Last, but not least we can see the Chain Bridge which takes us to the Buda Castle, to which we would
drive trough the Castle Tunnel:

Check it out on google maps!
Find out more about Budapest's sights!
Link1    Link2   Link3   Link4   Link5

There are some nice shots in Katy Perry's Firework video of Budapest, since she shot it here.

Check out Katy's video below:

That's it for today. Have a nice evening!

Szerelem miért múlsz? - With English subtitle

Hy guys,
I made a subtitled version for the Hungarian music video, which premiered last week.
I hope it's enjoyable, and those of you, who preferred this version to the English one can from now on understand it too. Here's the video:

And here are the lyrics:
Hungarian                                                                               English

Én nem tudtam                                                              I didn't know
hogy az ember mindent túl él              that people can survive anything.
Én nem sírtam                                                                  I didn't cry,
pedig engem eltörtél.                                     when you tore me apart.
Vártam hogy a nap többé
nem kel majd fel.                                               I' waited for the end,
De hajnal lett újra                                                but the dawn came,
és indulnom kell.                                                     and I have to go.

Szerelem miért múlsz,                         Love, why do you fade away?
Szerelem mért fájsz?                        Love, why do you hurt so bad?
Szerelem hol gyúlsz?,                     Love, where do you come from?
Szerelem hol jársz?                                   Love, where did you go?
Hol vagy,hol nem,                                           At times you're here,
a szívemben                                     at times you're not in my heart.
mért nincsen csend?                                                 I need silence!
Szerelem miért múlsz,                       Love, why do you fade away,
Szerelem mért vársz?                               Love, why do you wait?

Most bánat ráz,                                                Now, I remember
átjár egy régvolt láz.                                         I feel the old fever.
Hát lépnem kell,                                                        I have to go,
itt rám dől minden ház.                                    my past is colliding.
Az érintés emlékét                                                         I have to
így tépem szét.                                                  forget your touch.
Társam már nincs más                                   I have no company,
csak a száguldó szél.                       other, than the blowing wind.

Szerelem miért múlsz,                    Love, why do you fade away?
Szerelem mért fájsz?                   Love, why do you hurt so bad?
Szerelem hol gyúlsz?,               |Love, where do you come from?
Szerelem hol jársz?                               Love, where did you go?
Hol vagy,hol nem,                                       At times you're here,
a szívemben                                  at times you're not in my heart.
mért nincsen csend?                                             I need silence!
Szerelem miért múlsz,                     Love, why do you fade away,
Szerelem mért vársz?                             Love, why do you wait?

(Még húz)Húz                                                      (You still) still
(Még vonz)Vonz                                                    (Pull me) me
(Még fáj)                                                                        to you.
(Még húz)Húz                                                       (You still) still
(Még vonz)Vonz                                                     (Pull me) me
(Még fáj)                                                                        to you.

10 lépés,100 lépés                                       10 steps, 100 steps
távolság kell.                                        I need distance from you.
Nem számít merre                                  It doesn't matter where,
csak el,tőled el.                                       just far away from you.
Mit mondhatnál,                                 What more could you say?
mit mondhatnék,                                                What can I say?
Elkoptunk rég,                              We're not, who we used to be.
szemeinkből nézd,                                 Look, where is the light
hova tűnt a fény?                                              from your eyes?

Szerelem miért múlsz,                  Love, why do you fade away?
Szerelem mért fájsz?                 Love, why do you hurt so bad?
Szerelem hol gyúlsz?,               |Love, where do you come from?
Szerelem hol jársz?                               Love, where did you go?
Hol vagy,hol nem,                                    At times you're here,
a szívemben                                at times you're not in my heart.
mért nincsen csend?                                              I need silence!
Szerelem miért múlsz,                     Love, why do you fade away,
Szerelem mért vársz?                              Love, why do you wait?

(Válj szabaddá!Szállj világgá!)                            Be free, fly away
Szerelem hol vársz?                                    Love, where are you?
Élnem kell!                                                   I have to live my life!
Kell egy új remény!                                        |I need a new hope'
(Vágy repíts fel!Új remény kell!)    Desire, help me, I need new hope!
Szerelem miért múlsz?                           Love, why do you fade away?

I hope you like it! Feel free to comment!

2011. március 26., szombat


Hy Everybody,
this is my first blog post. I created the blog basically to promote this year's Hungarian Eurovision entry.
I'd like to post here most of Kati Wolf's TV appearances - if possible in form of videos with English subtitle, if not, then in form of english transcripts.
My goal is to give a chance for the Non-Hungarian part of Europe to get to know Kati.
First, here's Kati's official music video: