2012. január 10., kedd

Hungarian National Final

Here are the songs.

There will be 2 semi-finals, and a final. First semi final will be held on 28th January, second on 4th February, and the final on 11th February Everyone all over Europe will be able to watch it via sattelite. You can watch Channel m1 or Duna World free here and here. All broadcasts start at 20:00 CET.

I hope a lot of you will check it out live and tell me which song you liked the most.

2011. december 7., szerda

2011. december 1., csütörtök

More infos about the press conference

You can watch pictures taken during the press conference here!
Gabi Tóth attended the press conference, as well as Ferenc Molnár, better known as 'Caramel'. Both of them were contestants on the second season of Hungarian Pop Idol on TV2. Caramel won. He is a really fine song writer and of course a really good singer. Does his attendance mean that he has plans for participation?
Check out some of his best works as a songwriter below!

Péter Geszti was there too. He said, he wants to enter in the contest as a songwriter. You can read my article about his work here!

MTVA announced: there will be a series of TV shows to select the the Hungarian song 2012

"In a press conference today, MTV presented the national selection plans for the upcoming 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. In two semi-finals, to be broadcast live on m1, four songs each will qualify for the national final by the joint decision of the TV viewers and a professional jury.
The participants of the semi-finals will be chosen by a pre-jury out of all entries that have been submitted. Therefor, both Hungarian and foreign composers are asked to send in their suggested entries until December 20th, 2011.
During today's press conference, Philip Rákay, Programme Director of MTV, confirmed that significantly high viewing figures had been achieved with the broadcast of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.
Ferenc L. Gazsó, Deputy Director General for Content Production at MTVA added: "We are proud of taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest, next year for the 12th time. With Kati Wolf's participation in 2011 we could show that after the integration of the Hungarian public service media the song contest and its message reached a larger audience than ever before." "

2011. november 30., szerda

Tomorrow we 're going to know more

The Hungarian roadcaster MTVA posted on their Official Eurovision facebook:
"Dear Friends, we are glad to inform you that the Hungarian public service broadcaster is going to hold a press conference about the details of the Hungarian participation at the ESC 2012 on Thursday afternoon. So more information on Thursday... :)"
I'll have a here post tomorrow about the news. Stay tuned!

2011. november 29., kedd

"Gabi Tóth from Hungary" in Baku?

The Hungarian singer Gabriella Tóth, who was 3rd on the second season of Hungarian Pop Idol, said that she'd like to participate in Eurovision 2012. We don't know anything about this year's Hungarian selection process. If we have a national final, then maybe she will be there.
Gabi performed on the Hungarian X Factor called, "X-Faktor". These, you can see below. Check out her youtube channel and her music videos: here!

This is a live performance from 2010. And here is this year's live performance:

Here are some of her live performances as a contestant on "Megasztár" (Hungarian Pop Idol):

Here's her music video with Csipa "Valami Amerika még". It was the theme for the Hungarian movie: "Valami Amerika 2" (A Kind of America):