2011. május 2., hétfő

Kati's first rehearsal

Kati sang well in my opinion, but there were some shaky notes. Someone from the backing vocals was to high. I think if the crew can work on that we will have no problem. Then it's all up to the viewers and voters. 
You can check out the official photos here!
There is already a video up from ESCDaily, but from that camera angle I had a weard feeling with the staging. But now, after watching the HQ pics, I have a different opinion.
Here's the escdaily.com video:

And here's the official video:

I think it will get better and better. If you heard Kati's previous performances you can hear the improvement. So I'm staying positive. Yes, it's not there yet, but it'll be. Please share your opinion! You can criticise, of course, if it's legit, but haters filled up with pure envy or I don't know what can stay away.

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