2011. május 9., hétfő

Getting ready for Düsseldorf! - Kati Wolf Fan blog countdown

We're at the end of our countdown. Here's the last part of the tv show I subtitled. Tomorrow, we'll all be sitting in front of our tv and cheer for our favorite. If you read the blog, than you probably like Kati. So please if you like her song make her dreams true and vote for her, get her to the final!
Don't forget to watch the first semi-final and vote for Kati Wolf, Hungary.
Her starting position is 15.
So watch Eurovision and help Kati to make her dreams come true at 21:00 CET, Tuesdasy on the 10th May.
Thank you!
Sorry youtube has some issues so I uploaded it to megaupload. You can watch it below, or download it here!

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