2011. május 15., vasárnap

Kati's 22nd - toughts

And the show is over. Congratulations Azerbaijan and the Top 10 and Germany for the organisation! It will be interesting next year in Baku. I think Kati gave her best. I never heard this song from her with so good vocals. She did everything what she could. But there's always the diaspora voting and I think Hungary doesnt have many friends around Europe. We had a great song, at the end we had a great performance. Yes, there were better performances and songs, but with this song and performance we definetely would have deserved a top10 place. But that's how it is. So I don't think we should participate next year. We can't afford to have some Swedish or USA producer to write the song and pay millions of $s for the performance. The new voting system with the national jury's clearly didn't change the diaspora voting. Don't get me wrong I'm not bitter or jealous. I'm just dissapointed, but I think Azerbaijan had a really good song this year. I'm just saying that Hungary would be better off investing our money into something that's worth it. For example sports events. Last year the European Swimming Championship was in Budapest. I was there it was great, really great. We won more gold medals and lots of other medals and the organisation was a success. Hungarian people are in general pessimists and lot of them have depression. I don't think we need more dissapointments. And we're not dissapointed in Kati at all!!! I am personally really proud of her and I think it didn't depend on her. I'm dissapointed in Hungary's situation. So in my opinion Hungarian people need some success. We should stick to what we're good at: science and sports. We're good at music also, for example who on Earth doesn't know Liszt or Kodály. We're just not lucky or liked enough in other countries. I'm still young and I hope it can all change and we won't have young Hungarians deciding to leave the country and never come back. Because lot of them do. But at least we have the good news: we can organise the 2014 European Water Polo Champoionship. That's the sport where we're the best in the world. We won the last 3 Olympics with the Men's Team in a row.

If MTV decides to participate next year and sends a song that could have even the smallest chance, I will be here and I will start a new blog. So check in next year and see if there's a post with the new URL.
Thanks for reading the blog and watching my videos! Have a nice summer!
xoxo haleyjs23

2011. május 14., szombat

A little help for voting

If you'd like to vote for Kati, here's a little help:
From Romania: call 09001600 (and press: 05) or text 05 to 1261

From Slovakia: call 9933 (and press: 05)or text 05 to 9933

From Ukraine: call  0900 3007  and press 05 or text 05 to 7888
From Serbia: call 3323 and press: 05) or text 05 to 3323

From Croatia: text 05 to 06154 or text 05 to 66705

From Slovenia: call 089110 05 or text 05 to 370

From Germany: call  013710300 05 or text 05 to 99599

From the UK: call 0901522 and press 05 or text  05 to 0901522

From Italy: call 894433 (press: 05) or text 05 to 47222

From Switzerland: call 377 (press: 05) or text 05 to 377

From Poland: text 05 to 73008

From Sweden: text 05 to 72999

From Finland: text 05 to 17132
Don't forget to vote from the beginning of the show till the end! Kati needs all of your support!
To be sure, please check the numbers on your screens tonight before voting!
Thank you!

Today is the Grand Final

The day has come. Tonight, we will find out, who's the winner of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest. I hope everyone of you will have a nice time and we will see a great show! It's a contest and everyone has favorites, but I'd like to believe that Eurovision is more than just a contest. I hope that it really can make us one for just one night. 
Kati said yesterday, that the weight is not as heavy on her shoulders as last time. She is more relaxed. I hope it means that she can deliver a good performance. If you really like her or her song than please use the time and vote for her. You can vote from the beginning of the show, wich means we have a lot of time voting for her since she has starting position 5. 
Help Kati, and make her dreams true!
Vote for Kati Wolf, What about my dreams, Hungary, Nr.5
Thank you and have a good time!

2011. május 12., csütörtök

Videos from the first semi-final

Before the show:

The performance:

After the performance:

Press conference:

Interviews after the press conference:

Celebrating at the hotel:

(They basically just say over and over again: Congratulations!>Thank you! You were really good!> Thank you!)

Kati at the Russian party yesterday:

2011. május 11., szerda

Kati is in the Grand Final!

Kati did it. She qualified for the final. We are very proud of you Kati. Hungary has qualified for the final for the first time since 2007, when Magdi Rúzsa managed to do it and she reached the 9th position.
Well everybody who voted helped Kati to take the first step to fullfill her dream.
Thank you!
In the final there will be a new voting. More countries can vote for Kati and for Hungary.
Please keep voting, because Kati needs all of your support.
I'd like to say the participants of the second semi-final: Good luck!
I think we all hope for an exciting and fun final!
So don't forget to watch tv on Saturday, 14th of May and vote for Kati Wolf and What about my dreams Nr. 5.

2011. május 10., kedd

Today's the day!

Don't forget to vote!
Tonight 21:00 p.m. CET!
Kati Wolf, What about my dreams, Hungary, Nr. 15

2011. május 9., hétfő

Vote for Kati

As Kati said in one of her interviews: if you like her song, then vote for her.
As I say: let's make her dreams come true!
Don't forget: tomorrow 21:00 CET!
Kati Wolf, What about my dreams, Hungary, Nr. 15
If you can't watch the video for some reasons on youtube, than you can watch it here!

Getting ready for Düsseldorf! - Kati Wolf Fan blog countdown

We're at the end of our countdown. Here's the last part of the tv show I subtitled. Tomorrow, we'll all be sitting in front of our tv and cheer for our favorite. If you read the blog, than you probably like Kati. So please if you like her song make her dreams true and vote for her, get her to the final!
Don't forget to watch the first semi-final and vote for Kati Wolf, Hungary.
Her starting position is 15.
So watch Eurovision and help Kati to make her dreams come true at 21:00 CET, Tuesdasy on the 10th May.
Thank you!
Sorry youtube has some issues so I uploaded it to megaupload. You can watch it below, or download it here!

Getting ready for Düsseldorf! - Kati Wolf Fan blog countdown Part 5.

Tomorrow is the day! We have only one day left tuntil the first semi-final of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. Here's the next part of our countdown. Stay tuned for the final part.

2011. május 7., szombat

Getting ready for Düsseldorf! - Kati Wolf Fan blog countdown Part 2.

As I promised, here's the second part of yesterday's show. Enjoy!

Getting ready for Düsseldorf! - Kati Wolf Fan blog countdown Part 1.

I subtitled the Hungarian tv show  'Eurovision- Heading for Düsseldorf!', which aired 06.05. 2011. Éva Novodomszky welcomes former Hungarian Eurovision participants. They chat about their experience and Kati's chances and we also can see some reports from Düsseldorf! This is part 1 I plan to subtitle 2 parts each day until the semi-final on Tuesday. So today, you can watch part 1 and 2, tomorrow, part 3 and 4, and on Monday I'll upload part 5 and the final part, part 6. 

We began the countdown for the first semi-final today! 

2011. május 6., péntek

Kati is the favorite of the Germans

During her second press conference today, Kati received an award. The host of the Dortmund Radio gave her the award, which she received for being the favorite of German radio's audience of the 43 participating acts. The radio's listeners could vote and the most of them voted for Kati. Thank you Germany, we're all very happy!!! 

Rock version?

No, not really. Kati performed the Hungarian version on the Hungarian night show: Esti Showder with Sándor Fábry. It aired last night, but they shot it 2 weeks ago.
It's a little different from the previous versions. Enjoy!

That's how you party!

Here's a video about some of the other nights in Düsseldorf. That's how you party!

Kati's second rehearsal - Updated

Guys, I'm more excited with every day. In my opinion, she nailed it today. I don't say that just because I'm Hungarian. I had my problems with the first one and I always tought during X Factor that she's a little bit shaky. But she's been prooving me wrong since then. We all heard her first performance on the press conference, as they announced the Hungarian entry. Since then she's getting better and better. Now, I really believe in her, not that I didn't belive her erlier, I just had my doubts. Please, let her show our support by picking up our phones or sending an sms for her and vote. I think she absolutely deserves it. I don't care if she wins it or not, for me she proved that she can do it. Now, it's all up to Europe. If they love it we'll be happy, if not, then it's ok. We will still have her. That was my opinion. Please, let me know yours. I really am curious.

Here's the video from ESCDaily, check in later for more videos! 




2011. május 5., csütörtök

Kati's second rehearsal

Kati is going to have her second rehearsal tomorrow, it begins:
11 a.m.CET 
So check in tomorrow for the videos from it. Hopefully, we will have some new interviews with Kati as well. I hope it goes well. Kati's daughter and husband are going to leave Düsseldorf tomorrow, so Kati is focusing on the contest more and more.

Do you wanna try Kati's dish?

Kati gave an interview for Oikotimes. They asked her abaout the interview on Radio international (Watch the interview on my youtube channel!). Kati promised there, if she wins, she will cook something Hungarian for the guys. In this interview she told us what dish it could be: the Hungarian beef stew. If you'd like to try it, here's the recipe:

(recipe from: spicy.hu, where you can find more about Hungarian dishes)

Kati Wolf in Düsseldorf

Here are the videos which are my surprise for you. Check them out below!

Part 1.

Part 2.

2011. május 4., szerda

Army of interviews

A lot of people wanted to speak to Kati form press. I collected some of their interviews:





I'm working on a surprise for you guys, so check in later!

2011. május 2., hétfő

Kati's first press conference in Düsseldorf

art 1.

Part 2.

Kati's first rehearsal

Kati sang well in my opinion, but there were some shaky notes. Someone from the backing vocals was to high. I think if the crew can work on that we will have no problem. Then it's all up to the viewers and voters. 
You can check out the official photos here!
There is already a video up from ESCDaily, but from that camera angle I had a weard feeling with the staging. But now, after watching the HQ pics, I have a different opinion.
Here's the escdaily.com video:

And here's the official video:

I think it will get better and better. If you heard Kati's previous performances you can hear the improvement. So I'm staying positive. Yes, it's not there yet, but it'll be. Please share your opinion! You can criticise, of course, if it's legit, but haters filled up with pure envy or I don't know what can stay away.

Kati's first rehearsal is today!

As I already wrote it yesterday, Kati will have her first rehearsal today:
Hungary>>> rehearsal: 13.40 - 14.20 h >>> and press conference: 15.05 - 15.45 h (CET)
On the Facbook of EurovisionHungary there's a post saying, the whole crew arrived safely to Düsseldorf, Kati as well. They are leaving the hotel for the Arena at 10 A.M. CET today. Hopefully we will have some video blogs form Atilla Vízi, the Hungarian cameraman, who already had a great video blog during the World Cup last year. If it's something that you'd be intrested in, I'll try to subtitle it.
The first one is introducing the Hungarian volunteers, so it's nothing interesting for you.
I'll post here all of the Hungarian rehearsal videos and hopefully the press conference videos today, so you can find everything about kati in one place.
Everyone send some great energy for Kati, so that her rehearsal should go well!

2011. május 1., vasárnap

First day of rehearsals

Today, the contestants of the first semi-final's first part will take the stage and by tonight we will have the first impressions. There are lot of big ESC sites on the spot, who post pictures and videos. So we can follow everything that's happening in Düsseldorf. Today the program looks like this:
For example ESCDaily.com has a webcam stream all day from 10 CET to 18:30 CET. They are streaming from the press centre. You can chat with other viewers and with the guys of ESCDaily. You can check it out here!

Here's Magdalena Tul rocking the stage. What do you think of her, what do you think of the stage? Feel free to comment, I'd like to read you opinions.

And above, you can watch Norway's Haba Haba.
As for Kati: she will have her first rehearsal tomorrow:
Hungary>>> rehearsal: 13.40 - 14.20 h >>> and press conference: 15.05 - 15.45 h (CET)
So tune in tomorrow and let's discuss how you liked Katis first rehearsal.