2011. május 6., péntek

Kati's second rehearsal - Updated

Guys, I'm more excited with every day. In my opinion, she nailed it today. I don't say that just because I'm Hungarian. I had my problems with the first one and I always tought during X Factor that she's a little bit shaky. But she's been prooving me wrong since then. We all heard her first performance on the press conference, as they announced the Hungarian entry. Since then she's getting better and better. Now, I really believe in her, not that I didn't belive her erlier, I just had my doubts. Please, let her show our support by picking up our phones or sending an sms for her and vote. I think she absolutely deserves it. I don't care if she wins it or not, for me she proved that she can do it. Now, it's all up to Europe. If they love it we'll be happy, if not, then it's ok. We will still have her. That was my opinion. Please, let me know yours. I really am curious.

Here's the video from ESCDaily, check in later for more videos! 




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