2011. május 11., szerda

Kati is in the Grand Final!

Kati did it. She qualified for the final. We are very proud of you Kati. Hungary has qualified for the final for the first time since 2007, when Magdi Rúzsa managed to do it and she reached the 9th position.
Well everybody who voted helped Kati to take the first step to fullfill her dream.
Thank you!
In the final there will be a new voting. More countries can vote for Kati and for Hungary.
Please keep voting, because Kati needs all of your support.
I'd like to say the participants of the second semi-final: Good luck!
I think we all hope for an exciting and fun final!
So don't forget to watch tv on Saturday, 14th of May and vote for Kati Wolf and What about my dreams Nr. 5.

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