2011. május 15., vasárnap

Kati's 22nd - toughts

And the show is over. Congratulations Azerbaijan and the Top 10 and Germany for the organisation! It will be interesting next year in Baku. I think Kati gave her best. I never heard this song from her with so good vocals. She did everything what she could. But there's always the diaspora voting and I think Hungary doesnt have many friends around Europe. We had a great song, at the end we had a great performance. Yes, there were better performances and songs, but with this song and performance we definetely would have deserved a top10 place. But that's how it is. So I don't think we should participate next year. We can't afford to have some Swedish or USA producer to write the song and pay millions of $s for the performance. The new voting system with the national jury's clearly didn't change the diaspora voting. Don't get me wrong I'm not bitter or jealous. I'm just dissapointed, but I think Azerbaijan had a really good song this year. I'm just saying that Hungary would be better off investing our money into something that's worth it. For example sports events. Last year the European Swimming Championship was in Budapest. I was there it was great, really great. We won more gold medals and lots of other medals and the organisation was a success. Hungarian people are in general pessimists and lot of them have depression. I don't think we need more dissapointments. And we're not dissapointed in Kati at all!!! I am personally really proud of her and I think it didn't depend on her. I'm dissapointed in Hungary's situation. So in my opinion Hungarian people need some success. We should stick to what we're good at: science and sports. We're good at music also, for example who on Earth doesn't know Liszt or Kodály. We're just not lucky or liked enough in other countries. I'm still young and I hope it can all change and we won't have young Hungarians deciding to leave the country and never come back. Because lot of them do. But at least we have the good news: we can organise the 2014 European Water Polo Champoionship. That's the sport where we're the best in the world. We won the last 3 Olympics with the Men's Team in a row.

If MTV decides to participate next year and sends a song that could have even the smallest chance, I will be here and I will start a new blog. So check in next year and see if there's a post with the new URL.
Thanks for reading the blog and watching my videos! Have a nice summer!
xoxo haleyjs23

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