2011. április 25., hétfő

Kati's waiting for the guys...

to water her like a flower! 
("I'll be waiting for watering guys, we've colored eggs altough we didn't bake this year, but there'll be chocolate instead." -wrote Kati on her Facebook page yesterday.)
Of course she does, it's Easter Monday today. We here in Hungary celebrate Easter Monday this way:
- girls color eggs and bake something and they wait for boys to come visit them.
-boys on the other hand go from house to house of their relatives and friends. They tell the girls short, sometimes funny poems and ask them if they could water them. If the answer is yes, then they water the girls. In exchange they get the colored eggs as a gift. Earlier they used canal water and watered the girls from big pails or bottles of soda water.

Nowadays, they are more human and they use parfumes:

and tell poems like:
"I was in the green forest,
I saw a blue violet,
it was going to fade.
Am I allowed to water you?"

Of course on the way to the girls there is some drinking. In the evening boys and girls go to a "Watering ball". At least in my area,. There are some differencies between the different regions.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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