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Introducing the composers - Part 1.: Gergő Rácz

Gergő Rácz's first connection to music was trough his classical guitar training. At 15 he won The Hungarian Music Schools' Guitar Competition. Since he was 14 ha was part of tha band "Park". He composed his first song for the band's album. He got bigger attention in one of Hungary's first boy bands: V.I.P. They had great success. (Of course, today this music sounds cheesy, but at the time thousands of teenage girls adored them.)

He met Viktor Rakonczai here, who was a member of the band with his brother Imre Rakonczai. V.I.P. represented Hungary on The Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 in Dublin.

After 4 years of success they split up in 2001. Since 2004 Gergő is a member of the internationally recognised Acapella band 'Fool Moon'. 2006 they won 1st place at Taiwan International Acappella Award. Last year they had a succesful Asia Tour. 

Spring, 2006 Gergő released his first solo album 'Bennünk a világ' (=World is in us). The title song is today one of the most played songs on Hungarian radios. He shot three music videos for the songs:

Bennünk a világ (World is in us)

Súgd a nevem (Whisper my name)

Húzz fel bármit (Dress in anything (....you're attractive anyway))

Gergő has been composing music with Viktor for years now.They created hits such as Viva Comet Allstars: 'Ha zene szól' (When music plays).

2011 he's back with a new hit single  „Harc és Vágy” (Fight and Desire)

And of course he's working with Kati Wolf to create a big show in Düsseldorf, so once again he's involved in Eurovision.

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