2011. április 8., péntek

Introducing Kati's team

Kati will be working with singers Rita Ambrus and Edit Jármai. Rita is a very experienced singer. She sang background vocals on many albums. She tried out on the 4th season of Hungarian Idol (Megasztár).

Check out his video, where she sings Roxette's It must have been love on the tv show 'Csináljuk a fesztivált!' (=Let's do the show):

Edit studied acting. After graduating, she did some touring with her band 'Edith and the Gigolos". Check out one of their performances!

Ernő Zsolt Kiss will be singing and dancing. He graduated as a folk dancer, but he is singing sometimes as well.

In the video below, he sings the 'Judge's Song' from the musical 'Chess':

István Makár is a professional dancer, so he will do most of the dancing parts.

And last but not least, Zsolt Szentirmai who is a talented young musical actor who starred in musicals like Romeo and Juliet (as Benvolio), West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, etc.will sing as well.

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