2011. április 7., csütörtök

Breaking news: first dance rehealsal video

In this evenings news there was a bit of surprise, when we saw a sneak peek to Kati's coreography. I uploaded a subtitled version of course. Check it out below!

You can watch pictures of the rehealsal here!

This year the coreographer will be Tímea Papp, who was the coraographer for Zoli ádok's performance back in 2009.

Rita Ambrus, participant of the Hungarian National Final 2005 will be on stage too. Others in the team: Edit Jármai (member of the band Edith and the Gigolos), Zsolt Szentirmai and Ernő Zsolt Kiss (musical actors). The sixth member will be István Makár dancer (he kicked the disco ball off the ceiling). The producer of the staging is 'Indián' who was the director of Kati's official music video.
/Thanks for the infos ESCHungary.hu!/
Check out Timi's coreography for Zoli Ádok:

Indián directs most of the Hungarian music videos today. Check out some of his work!

Lola: benned Élek (I live in you)

KERI feat. Johnny K. Palmer - Crazy Baby

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