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Introducing the composers - Part 3.: Péter Geszti

Péter Geszti is a marketing professional, singer and lyrics writer. He began his carrier as a child actor. He dubbed 'Aladár' in the Hungarian cartoon series: Family Mézga:

1989 he graduated from Loránd Eötvös University with a degree of Hungarian and History. As a student at the university, he already wrote lyrics  for the band 'Első Emelet' (First floor) songs.

After the band split, he began to work as a reporter and TV host. Later he began his music carrier as a rapper in bands 'Rapülők' (repülők means planes, and they changed the 'rep' part for rap) and 'Jazz+Az' (if you say it out loud in Hungarian it sounds like: Jazz and that, because for the + sign we say 'meg' which means plus and 'and'), which he founded. They were very succesful. Their songs are still played daily by the radios. They are famous for their smart, playful ways of putting the words together. They used to take advantage of the playful potential of the Hungarian language, and the multiple meaning words, so they came up with pretty hilarious lyrics. It's a shame that their lyrics can't be traslated literally. That way it wouldn't have any meaning, but of we would translate them to have a meining then they wouldn't be so good.

Since 1989 he also works in the marketing business. After his band split 1994, he began to write the Hungarian musical 'A dzsungel könyve' (=the book of jungle). László Dés composed the music and Péter Geszti wrote the lyrics. Check out 'The Song of the girls' below: 

In 2000 he founded @®© (=Face), which is basically an artistic billboard exhibition on one of Budapests biggest squares. The goal is to crate billboards which draws the attention to the social problems.
2005 he wrote the lyrics for the song 'Magyarország' (=Hungary) for Ibolya Oláh. She performed it on 20th August 2007. on the national holiday of the state foundation. It's kind of a second anthem to us since then.

(The copyright to the music was bought, since it's originally a song written by René Dupéré).
2007 he came up with the idea of 'Nemzeti Vágta' (=National Gallop) which is basically a weekend celebration every year, early summer. The basic idea was to create some event which could be famous worldwide as for example the Carnival in Rio and which could attract a lot of tourist to Hungary and be a national symbol. Since 2008, it is held anually. It's a horse riding competition which has regional finals before the event and semi-finals and finals on the actual weekend. Every year, there's a celebrity race to collect money for those in need since it's a competition with lots of prize money. it takes place every year on the Heroes Square in the heart of the city. 

2010 he was a judge on the first series of the Hungarian X Factor. He mentored the girls. He wrote the lyrics for the mentor-song 'A négy mentor' (=the four mentors), which he performed together with the other mentors.

He was the last mentor to vote on Kati's duel. He left it to the audience to decide. Kati was eliminated that night, so he promised her to write her some song lyrics. Kati and the composers of 'What about my dreams?' gave the song for him early this year and he came up with the Hungarian lyrics in days.
Check out my subtitled video below:

Stay tuned for the final part with Johnny K. Palmer, who wrote the English lyrics for the song.

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