2011. április 28., csütörtök

A day with Kati

The crew of Hungarian tv show 'Fókusz' has followed Kati for a whole day. I uploaded the video with subtitles.  Watch it below!

Other news: Kati leaves Hungary for Düsseldorf Saturday morning, but before that, she gives her last performance before Eurovision in Hungary at Soho London Budapest. I hope somone who can be there posts some videos of it, then I could post them here.
Kati's first rehearsal will be on Monday. She bought a new laptop, so if she will have time, she'll post some things from her trip to her Facebook page. If it is in Hungarian I will try at least to write for you a transcipt, if subtitles are not possible. I don't know about you but I get more excited with each day to come.
I'd like to ask everyone who likes Kati or her song, and you've got a not Hungarian phone number, then please vote for Kati. Some polls might say that she is in a good position, but it doesn't count, if people are not willing to vote for her.
Kati we wish you a good luck, and break a leg!

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