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Who is Kati Wolf? - Part 4: Creating 'What about my dreams?'

Like I wrote before, Kati, Gergő Rácz and Viktor Rakonczai began working together right after the end of the 1st series of X Factor. And a song was born, which won over audiences right from the start. The song premiered on Class Fm's "Morning Show" on 10. 02. 2011.

Kati in the studio:

Watch more pics here!

She said on 'Morning Show':
"I've wanted to come out first of the contestants with a song. I think it's very important who's the first. And for me to be able to be the first was very important. of course it's not me who should get credit for it, it's the composers. Now, we still got the attention from the show's (X Factor) viewers and from the media. We have to keep it alive as long as possible, since there'll be a new season in sptember. I think we have roughly a year to build ourselves up.
I've already made an album with my father. Back then we didn't do that CD after the audience's taste, I did it mostly for myself, I made it how I liked music. But it wasn't so recognised. On my new album my father will work too, but he works with someone together who can modernize the songs and knows, what the auddience wants."

First reactions:
Radio host: "I have to tell you kati, this song's great! Congratulations! I tell this really rarely, but this is good."
Some of the incoming text messages: "People i got chills from tip to toe!", "It's a great song, I've alredy know the chorus!", "Kati for the Eurovision!!!" etc. Listen to it (in Hungarian):

I made a subtitledversion of the interview with the composers and Kati about how the song was born:

In a short time hundred of thousands have listened to the official audio:

Today almost 800 000 people have watched it.

EscHungary.hu and a lots of media and fan portals suggested that it should go to eurovision song contest 2011. We, as Hungarian fans didn't know anything about the national selection process this year, nor had anyone. But one thing was clear, most of us wanted to send this song, so we began to flood the Hungarian TV's email boxes with requests. The producers of the song orginised the video shoot in a short time.

On Kati's Official Facebook Page, she announced that fans can participate in the video. Approximately two weeks after the video shoot we had the official announcement: Kati's going to Düsseldorf!!!

In a few weeks the offical video premiered. Watch a 'Making of' video with English subtitles below:

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