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Who is Kati Wolf? - Part 1.

 Kati Wolf was born in Szentendre, Hungary 24.09.1974.
Her father is Péter Wolf, a a well known, Erkel Award Winner composer, who wrote music for Hungarian singers like Kati Kovács. Her mother stayed home with her and her two brothers, but she find time for leading a choir in Szentendre as well (said Kati in one of her recent interviews).

At the age of 7 she sang the title single of the internationally recognized Hungarian animated movie 'Vuk', or best known as "The Little Fox". She said on the shooting of 'What about my dreams?' that that's her first music video, altaugh at the age of 7 she sang the 'Vuk'-song and they made a video for it. She added it wasn't a real shoot, they just set her on a chair and she sang the song. And that's all it was. Watch her first 'music video' below:

Or watch the whole movie in English:

Watch the rest of the movie here: Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7
Next part will come soon!

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