2011. március 30., szerda

Kati loves to give away

I subtitled an interview, which aired December 2010, just before Christmas. She was interviewed with her daughter, Janka (5), about charity.
Watch the video below:

Two weeks ago Kati performed on a special TV broadcast, where the participants of the ongoing reality show "Való Világ" Series 4 (=Real World, it's like Big Brother) collected money for children in need. They managed to collect a sum of 177 000 000 HUF, which is approcimately 660.000 Euros.
Watch her performance below:

At the end, the host asked her about her voice and thanked her because she was ill and she still performed. (she was ill at the Eurovision press conference as well). She added: "I had to be here despite my illness. As a mother I can feel for children who has nothing to eat. So I had to  brace myself up and come."

Others performed as well, just like Zoli Ádok (Hungary's representative on Eurovision 2009) who performed the title song of the reality show with Gabi Tóth (Who came 3rd on the 2nd season of Hungarian Pop Idol). István Tabáni performed his song 'Gyönyörű szép' (=Beautiful), which won 'Best Song of the Year' on the Hungarian Grammys, Fonogram 2011. The song was composed by the same two guys who created 'What baout my dreams?': Viktor Rakonczai and gergő Rácz.He won the second season of Hungary's Got Talent. The premiere of 3rd season will air this Saturday on RTL Klub.

Check them out below:

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