2011. március 27., vasárnap

What about a little sightseeing?

Hy you all,
Did you notice that there's some really nice shots in Kati's video about Budapest, Hungary's capital?
Well, if you're not familiar with the city I can give you a little digital tour.
First, we can see Kati and her love interest in some parking lot-y place.
Well, it's definetely not a parking lot. It's one of the brand new
stations for the new underground. (Metró4)

Here are some pics about it in real life.
Here's a link to google maps.

Then we see her driving over Szabadság Bridge (Szabadság=Freedom):

There are some nice shots about the Parliement Building.:

Check it out on google maps!

Last, but not least we can see the Chain Bridge which takes us to the Buda Castle, to which we would
drive trough the Castle Tunnel:

Check it out on google maps!
Find out more about Budapest's sights!
Link1    Link2   Link3   Link4   Link5

There are some nice shots in Katy Perry's Firework video of Budapest, since she shot it here.

Check out Katy's video below:

That's it for today. Have a nice evening!

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