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Who is Kati Wolf? - Part 2.

Kati Wolf had a connection to music since she was a little child, so it was evident that she would study something related to it. She studied to be a solfege teacher in Franz Liszt Academy of Music, then she began to sing in various groups (Stúdió Dél, Sunny Dance Band, New Chocolate, Avocaldo, Enjoy). During singing in these groups she worked at an office, where she and her husband met. They have two daughters: Janka (5) and Luca (1).

2009, she released her first album 'Wolf-áramlat'. The music for the album was written by her father. She wasn't so famous then, so the CD wasn't a huge hit. You can listen to some previews here!

2010 premiered the Hungarian X-Factor (X-Faktor) on RTL Klub television. Kati applied and she got through to the Judge's Houses. She was in the Over 25s Group with Feró Nagy mentoring. All of the contestants moved in toghether except for Kati, who stayed home because she has two little children. She managed to balance motherhood and being in a pretty intense competition. She came 6st in the competition, being second best in her group. The first in the Over 25s group was Csaba Vastag, who won the first series.

Watch all of her X Factor performances from the auditions right up til her elimination below:

At her elimination mentor Péter Geszti voted last, and becouse of his vote Kati's fate was in the viewers hands. The viewers chose Nikolas Takács over her. Lots of Kati's fans blamed Geszti for Kati's elimination and he felt that way too, so he promised Kati that he would write her some song lyrics since he's very good at it.
After the end of the show in December Kati worked on her first solo album. Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz called her up with some ideas. Kati said in one interview that there were other songwriters as well who wanted to work with her, but these two came to her with such a detailed analysis of her voice that it was like a surgical analysis. So they began to work together and 'Szerelem miért múlsz?' was born in a short time.
Péter Geszti did fulfill his promise and wrote the lyrics for the song.

Next part will come soon!

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