2011. november 29., kedd

"Gabi Tóth from Hungary" in Baku?

The Hungarian singer Gabriella Tóth, who was 3rd on the second season of Hungarian Pop Idol, said that she'd like to participate in Eurovision 2012. We don't know anything about this year's Hungarian selection process. If we have a national final, then maybe she will be there.
Gabi performed on the Hungarian X Factor called, "X-Faktor". These, you can see below. Check out her youtube channel and her music videos: here!

This is a live performance from 2010. And here is this year's live performance:

Here are some of her live performances as a contestant on "Megasztár" (Hungarian Pop Idol):

Here's her music video with Csipa "Valami Amerika még". It was the theme for the Hungarian movie: "Valami Amerika 2" (A Kind of America):

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